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Dealing with other errors If you encounter any other errors, then contact our customer support by using the form at https://flippingbook.com/contacts. To resolve the issue as quickly as possible include the following information: ◆ ◆ The email address that you used to register FlippingBook ◆ ◆ A short description of which action you performed when the error occurred so we can reproduce it ◆ ◆ Whether this issue occurs in all of your projects or just in a specific one (please test this out by making a new project and importing a simple PDF or image file) ◆ ◆ If the issue only occurs in one specific project then please send us the project file: Open the Windows Explorer and go to Documents\ FlippingBook Publisher\\Projects Find the .p2hp file for your project and look at its size. If the size of the project file is less than 20MB, then you can attach it directly to the online contact form by using the paperclip-icon and navigating to the file. If the size of your project is more than 20MB, then upload the project to an online file sharing service like dropbox. com or wetransfer.com. Include a direct link to the uploaded project file in your message. ◆ ◆ If the problem concerns an already published publication, then include the link to your publication and screenshots of the Developer Tools window if needed. 1 2 3 4

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